About Sheniqua

About Sheniqua
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Hi,I‘m Dr. Sheniqua Johnson but I affectionately go by Sheniqua Inspires because I am a natural born encourager and source of inspiration. I have worked in the wellness space for over 20 years, serving as a Registered Nurse. I hold a Master’s degree in Nursing & Healthcare Education and an Honorary PhD, which I earned because I am a lifelong lover of learning. I have graced international stages as a motivational speaker and had the privilege of becoming a TEDx speaker in South Africa.

  • I am the recipient of the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award presented on behalf of President Joseph Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.
  • I am the author of 15 books to date and am an acclaimed Amazon Best Selling Author. 
  • I am the host of 2 podcasts Sisterly Sundays Podcast which streams on Spotify, Apple Podcast, Amazon Music, & iHeart Radio and The Black Girl Encourage-Her which airs on my YouTube channel Sheniqua Inspires.
  • I am the CEO of A Better U, where I help busy, multitasking women reprioritize their wellness so that they can continue to serve the world 100% without subtracting anything from themselves. I accomplish this through my coaching and online training classes.
  • I am also the CEO of Stronger Through Faith Media, where I help people with a story, tell their story, and get their message to the masses through book publishing and podcasts.
  • Learn more about me and how I may be able to help you reach your highest potential.

My entrepreneurial journey isn't just about the knowledge I have gained through years of working in healthcare.....

it was a response to a genuine need for positive change. It was about stepping out of the comfort of bedside care to reach a wider audience, to guide them toward healthier, more fulfilling lives.

▬ Sheniqua's Expertise Includes ▬

Over 20 years of service in Healthcare
Starting and running multiple businesses
Strengthening the mind & body
How to write a book and become Amazon's Best Selling Author
Mindset Shift
Mental health concerns (depression, anxiety, burnout)
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